Role of Baton Rouge Home Appraiser During A Divorce

My Appraiser Friend, Ryan Lundquist in Sacramento, recently published and shared the Wall Street Journal infographic I shared a couple of weeks ago:

Baton Rouge Divorce Home Appraisals: State Of Splitsville | Greater …

Baton Rouge Divorce Home Appraisals: State Of Splitsville – A curated WSJ article relating it to the Baton Rouge Housing Market. WSJ: “In a divorce, there’s one person who is almost as important as the lawyers: the



Here’s Ryan’s post below:

The role of an appraiser during a divorce – Sacramento Appraisal Blog

I came across a fantastic graphic from the Wall Street Journal that explains what an appraiser does during the process of a divorce. In a nutshell, here is.


The WSJ graph Ryan refers to is here:



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