How Is A Baton Rouge Divorce Appraisal Different From Normal Home Appraisal? – How Is A Baton Rouge Divorce Appraisal Different From Normal Home Appraisal?

As a home appraiser for 20 years now, I’ve appraised dozens of homes involved in divorce litigation.  In most cases, it’s been a situation where both parties were in agreement and there wasn’t much tension existing.  However, I have been hired for the home appraisal and had the Sheriff’s office present because of friction between the husband and wife.   That was rather interesting.

I came across this article I wanted to share about the difference in a divorce home appraisals versus traditional home appraisals for a mortgage lending purpose.  I do want to clarify that for me, generally ALL divorce appraisals I’ve completed were as of the date of inspection and not back-dated to an earlier time period. Enjoy.

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What Makes a Divorce Appraisal Different?”>What Makes a Divorce Appraisal Different?

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It involves many difficult decisions about the kids, investments and marital assets, including who gets the house. When it comes to the house and other real estate, the two most common choices are selling and dividing the proceeds, or one party can “buy out” the other. In either case, one or both parties will order an appraisal of the residence and other real estate holdings.

A divorce appraisal is not the same as your typical appraisal used for lending purposes. Some of the differences are:

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