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With 21+ years of experience as a Home Appraiser in Louisiana, Bill Cobb, Appraiser understands the challenges of completing the home appraisal and the pressure from both sides. One spouse wants the appraisal low so they can buy out the other spouse at a lower price and the other spouse wants it high so they can receive the maximum dollars out of the settlement. Bill Cobb will render a fair market value of the home without bias toward either of the parties involved.

Bill Cobb, Appraiser provides Home Appraisals For Divorce Settlement throughout All of East Baton Rouge Parish and West Baton Rouge Parish. In Ascension Parish, Bill covers the North sections of Prairieville, Gonzales, Saint Amant, Dutchtown and Geismar. NOTE: Bill doesn’t cover the entire Ascension Parish housing market. In Livingston Parish, Bill covers the Western sections including Walker, Watson and Denham Springs. NOTE: Bill doesn’t cover the entire Livingston Parish housing market.

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If there are repairs needed to the home being appraised, it’s best to have a typed out list for the appraiser and to have the repairs “Cost To Cure” itemized by a local contractor instead of trying to make the appraiser guess at the cost to repair. An itemized list of repairs from a local licensed contractor will only make the appraisal more solid in court.

Baton Rouge Divorce: Why Couples Need to Have a Home Appraisal to Settle Their Estate

Divorce is one of the things that married couples do not dream of experienced. Unfortunately, not all couples are given the opportunity to achieve this dream. A report from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that the divorce rates for men in Southern states such as Louisiana are higher that the U.S. average.

Statistics reveal that around 11.35% of couples living in Baton Rouge Metro Area divorced. This is higher than the national average of 10.62%. But what are the real reasons why couples are getting divorce? And why they need to have a home appraisal to settle their estate?

One of the main reasons why marriages lead to divorce is infidelity. This accounts to around 25% of divorces in the country. Some couples are also divorcing due to lack of communication and commitment. Couples no longer have time for each other due to their busy schedules. Moreover, physical abuse, abandonment, falling out of love, and addiction are also some of the most common cited reasons for filing for divorce.

Emotional disconnection occurs when both sides are not already caring for each other. Traumatic incidents appear when marriage is totally broken or no longer working at all. These include the incidents like death of loved ones or miscarriage, leaving a spouse due to its physical problem and assault or beating.

Divorce usually happen because couples do not understand the real meaning of love, commitment, and understanding. Love is the real reason why a lot of people are getting married and it should be communicate by the heart not the mouth. They know if how they interpret and expressed love each other.

Having a home appraisal is required for couples who are getting a divorce. But what is a home appraisal and how can it help you in this situation? Home appraisal is the process of analyzing the estimated value of a certain property. It is also used to determine the amount of money that the lender will give to purchase that particular property.

The fee for this process is usually being paid by the divorcing couples. Home appraisal is beneficial to divorcing couples as it will help them in dealing with the division of their properties especially their family residence.

Couples usually discuss the price of the property that they are selling. And when the couple has agreed the on the specific price, the attorney will now have the time to make the deed of sale of the specific property and sell it to their potential buyers. And when the property is already purchased by the client, the attorney will contact and inform the couple about the transaction and guide them in dividing the amount of money that they have talked about.

Attorneys are very important for couples who are planning to have a divorce. They have ample knowledge about the legal aspects of divorce. Whenever a spouse cannot attend the hearing, the attorney will be his representative.

Baton Rouge is home to some of the best home appraisers in the Louisiana. They are committed to rendering a fair market value of the house that is going to be appraised without being bias both parties involved.